20% Increase In Visits to Laniado Hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Department

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | September 2nd, 2015

Over the past two years, Laniado Hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Department has been significantly upgraded and with the Ministry of Health’s Scientific Council accreditation to train medical residents, there has been a 20% increase in visits to the hospital’s Weinstock Pediatric Emergency Department. Dr. Elke Bella Kosinovsky, Director of  the Pediatric Emergency Department says, “It is the natural result of hard work  and Laniado’s unique clinical approach. This is in addition to the academic activities that we conduct as an affiliate hospital of the Technion’s Faculty of  Medicine –  taking in interns and students. The academic activities enable us to absorb good doctors who provide excellent medical service.” The Emergency Department is also  taking part in multi-center research in collaboration with the Beterem Safe Kids Israel organization to examine children’s traffic or home accidents in order to investigate the need for new safety guidelines.

According to Dr. Kosinovsky, Laniado’s pediatric emergency room is defined as ‘painless’. Clinical studies conducted worldwide have shown that pain is a condition that produces stress. Stress negatively impacts the body’s natural healing ability as well as the influence of the clinical treatment. Thus, Laniado offers pain prevention treatment that includes a local anesthetic before the injection of fluids. In addition, every effort is made to avoid hospitalization if possible, and provide treatments such  as one-time intravenous antibiotics, administering fluids and changing bandages.

“For me, it’s not a matter of natural growth. Other factors were responsible. We  make sure that the waiting time is very short – half an hour at most, and even that only in rare cases. The treatments that we provide and our “painless emergency room” are well-known throughout the Sharon region of Israel.  This approach significantly eases the hospitalization for patients. Furthermore, our medical team is known for being welcoming and humane, and helpful to the families during this time of anxiety when a child is in the hospital. An increase of over 20% is the result of a lot of work and the implementation of high standards,” says Dr. Kosinovsky.

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