Laniado hospital’s pharmacy achieves international recognition for innovative monitoring tool

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Netanya, Israel –The European Association for Hospital Pharmacists, recently recognized Laniado Hospital for an innovative self-monitoring tool developed by Laniado’s Director of Pharmacy, Mr. Said Amarna. The tool is designed to encourage pharmacy staff working in large hospitals to report any issues that arise with their pharmacy’s conduct, as a means of streamlining operations at the hospital’s pharmacy.


The first stage of Mr. Amarna’s research on communication channels between hospital departments and their pharmacy was presented a year and a half ago at a conference of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, and the completed research project will be presented at an upcoming conference. “The organizational culture of an institution includes the system of reporting mistakes or problems,” said Mr. Amarna. “We are not talking about an admission of guilt or squealing on colleagues. Mistakes and/or poor service are issues that every large organization must deal with. The quality of the organization is measured by its ability to learn from these mistakes to carry out structural changes that eliminate them in the future.” The monitoring tool to be presented at the conference will include reports by Laniado’s pharmacists outlining problems found in the pharmacy and the service pharmacists provide to the hospital’s various departments. It will also include reports by the hospital’s departments on misunderstandings with the pharmacy.


In order to carry out this research, Mr. Amarna led an internal information campaign in each of Laniado’s departments and in their pharmacy. The aim was to encourage the hospital staff to report any issues, as well as revealing the criteria by which doctors should issue prescriptions. Mr. Amarna’s findings show that anonymous reporting is the method most preferred by Laniado’s staff, as the campaign resulted in a 104% increase in reporting among the pharmacy staff and 20% increase among the departments.


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