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Since opening its doors in 1976 with the birth of its first baby, Laniado Hospital in Netanya has shared the joys of childbirth with thousands of families. Now in an Israeli first, Laniado Hospital has embarked on an ambitious undertaking: the construction of a new state-of-the-art center exclusively for women’s gynecological and obstetrical needs. The new $10 million Birthing Center will create a ‘home away from home’ for the thousands of women who give birth at Laniado Hospital each year. The objective is to empower women, enabling each expectant mother to create the birthing experience that best suits her needs, from replicating a homebirth to utilizing labor rooms outfitted with medical equipment for high-risk births. Women who choose to do so will be able to manage their own labor in a homelike and beautiful environment, with the reassurance of expert medical staff just next door.
To accommodate the increasing number of births and build on the empowering experience for expectant mothers, a new Birthing Center is being built that will give women an unprecedented panoply of services as part of their birthing experience.

The new Birthing Center will consist of 2 floors, covering an area of 8,340 square feet on each floor, including specialties such as neonatology, fertility, and birthing facilities. It will include the following:

– 12 new birthing rooms, with a spacious family lounge and separate entrances for accompanying family/friends
– A state-of-the-art operating theater within the birthing complex for Caesarean sections
– The Natural Childbirth Center, including homelike 2 delivery rooms
– High-Risk Pregnancy Unit
– A new Premature Baby and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
– A completely outfitted surgical suite
– An emergency room
– Ample patient rooms
– Offices for medical and administrative staff

Click here to see photos, descriptions and more information about the items that are needed.

Intensive Care Unit Delivery Room (2)

Delivery Room (10)

Delivery Bed (12)

Fetal Monitor (12)

Syringe Pump (20)

Infusion Pump (20)

Baby Warmer (12)

Temp/Blood pressure/O2 Monitor (4)

ECG monitor (2)

Defibrillator (1)

Automatic Neonatal Resuscitator also known as T-Piece Resuscitator – 10 per Box

Reusable Manual Resuscitator – A must in every delivery room and premature station

Single patient use Pressue Manometer – to be used with the Resuscitator – 20 per Box

CO2 Detector for Babies below 1kg. and up – 20 per Box

Incubator Cover
$60 Each

$1,000 Each

Pulse Oximeter for Transport of Baby
$1,000 Each

Portable Capnograph with a Pulse Oximeter
$2,000 Each

$4,000 Each

Vapothem – provides stream of air to Baby’s nose
$7,000 Each