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Joining the Laniado Womwen’s Auxiliary is a great way to succesfully provide for the health and well being of women throughout Israel. The small monthly donations add up together, creating a first class medical facility. All funds from this group go towards saving the lives of women in Israel.  These women are someones Mother, daughter, sister, or wife. They are integral parts of their family and their community, and deserve to be treated as such. At Laniado, women’s health is of the utmost importance. Joining today can help ensure that we have the equipment needed for early detection of certain illnesses, that we have the equipment and facilities needed for new mothers, and so that no women should be left questioning about her own health. With your support, we will be able to continue our research and our service of the almost 200,000 women that we service to ensure that every women is given a fighting chance.

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