About Netanya


Netanya is a lively seacoast town situated on the Sharon plain, and a center for tourism that attracts thousands of visitors each year. It was originally a moshava – a small agricultural village with citrus groves and a flourishing tourist trade, but since the 1930s it has also become a center for the diamond cutting industry.

Today Netanya is a bustling resort city. It has dozens of hotels and guesthouses, charming coffee shops, restaurants offering a variety of tastes and styles, fashion boutiques, shopping centers, galleries, and entertainment spots. The city center has a food bazaar that is known for its colorful stalls and exotic aromas. Netanya is famous for its beautiful beaches, which extend for 12 kilometers along the entire length of the city, The bathing beaches have sports and vacation facilities for the entire family, and they are filled with bathers and vacationers throughout the summer. Above the beach is a ridge of rugged cliffs – the only ones of their kind in Israel – with a long promenade overlooking the sea. The promenade constitutes part of the “Israel Road” – a marked walking path that extends the entire length of the country from Kibbutz Dan in the north to Eilat in the south.

Netanya has a distinguished place in local history. The Pninat Shabtai Museum features an exhibition of Yemenite folklore, and the Diamond Center Museum has an exhibition of diamonds and a miniature model of a diamond mine. In the nearby park there is a sycamore tree that is 1,000 years old.

Nature lovers can stroll through the southern section of the city where they will find several large nature reserves, including the Irises Reserve with a large concentration of rare purple irises. Another highlight is the Nahal Poleg Nature Reserve that houses fauna unique to the area, and the Udim Reserve which boasts a pool with turtles, fish, and water birds.

Take a visit to Netanya and find a wonderful city to explore. Don’t forget to drop into Laniado Hospital to say hi!