Clinical Research


Laniado Hospital’s Physicians and Scientists are actively involved in a host of clinical research studies designed to improve and discover new methods for treating and preventing disease. Research papers and abstracts are regularly presented by our physicians at many international medical conferences and published in leading medical journals.

In 2002 three senior Laniado physicians discovered a successful treatment for the West Nile Virus which has been heralded as the only known cure to date for the neurologic complications of this disease. A report on the discovery appeared in “Emerging Infectious Diseases”, published by the Centers for Disease Control of the National Institute of Health.

Since 2010, Laniado’s research laboratory has tripled its facility size and installed new state-of-the-art equipment.  In collaboration with BioGenCell, a very promising bio-medical start-up company in the field of regenerative medicine, Laniado Hospital is actively pursuing the development of groundbreaking stem cell therapy for various debilitating diseases.  The research will be entering human clinical trials based on the remarkable efficacy and safety results in recent animal trials that have successfully proven its concept.